Nutraceuticals Company Relocates to Southwest VA

Axon Nutritionals Now Based in the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center


October 14, 2008

BLACKSBURG, VA—Axon Nutritionals, Inc., a spin-off nutraceuticals company from privately held nutritional and pharmaceutical companies, has moved its operations to southwest Virginia. Named after axons, the primary nerve transmission lines of the central nervous system, Axon Nutritionals is situated in the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center, where it serves academics, small businesses, and ultimately the nutritional needs of baby boomers interested in condition-specific supplements that may improve their health and quality of life.

A combination of the words nutrition and pharmaceutical, the term “nutraceuticals” refers to dietary supplements or fortified foods and beverages that offer a potential medical-health benefit. The idea behind the use of nutraceuticals is that certain bioactive compounds have positive benefits on the mind and body. 

Axon Nutritionals takes a scientific approach to nutraceuticals development, relying on the counsel of its scientific advisory board to formulate nutritional supplements containing naturally occurring, bioactive compounds; the company executes its product development initiatives to address nutritional deficiencies that plague baby boomers for two reasons:

  1. As people age, essential nutrient levels become less bioavailable in the diet.
  2. As people age, the bioavailability of nutrients decreases in the body.

The company currently has a pipeline of products specially formulated with clinically proven ingredients to maintain brain function and cellular integrity, which are of particular interest to baby boomers. The anti-aging supplement lines focus on memory and cognition and combating the harmful effects of free radicals, which have been shown to lead to a variety of age-related neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Axon Nutritionals certifies its own nutritional supplements as safe by using its own analysis and safety assessment program; the company differentiates itself by offering custom analytical services to other companies in the nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals industries that need help with the FDA approval process. Specialized regulatory medical writing services provide companies with the support they need to complete FDA filings and make ethical marketing claims.

Related service offerings include:

  • Analytical Testing Services
  • Laboratory Testing Services
  • Drug Development Services
  • Medical Writing Services

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About Axon Nutritionals

Axon Nutritionals, Inc., serves the nutraceuticals industry and the baby boomer, condition-specific nutritional supplement market by: (1) developing safe nutraceuticals based on the advice of its scientific advisory board; (2) partnering with academics and other nutraceuticals companies to certify safety and expedite product development and market launch.


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